Our Guiding Principles

Lead Change Racing was created in response to a specific demand for summer and fall ski camps to raise the game for coaches and athletes alike. Our guiding principles:

  • Keep learning, whether you are young or old, novice or expert, an athlete or a coach, a free skier or a World Cup racer.

  • Don't be afraid of mistakes. Embrace them as essential to progress. You must push outside your comfort zone in order to learn and eventually improve.

  • Make the most of the time you have on the hill and the vertical feet you have from the top of the lift back to the lift line. Take advantage of what you've got. Make the extra turns ... and make those turns count.

  • Don't just strive to be the best racer on the mountain. Strive to be the best skier on the mountain. Cross train. Hit the bumps. Shred the pow. Carve the corduroy. Learn how to succeed in all snow conditions, in all weather conditions, on all terrain types.

  • Support your teammates. Root for them. Give them encouragement. Give them course reports. Congratulate them (even / especially if they beat you!).

  • Mix it up. Don't always go up the lift with the same clan. Meet new friends and get to know them. Share what you know with them, and see what you might learn from them.

  • Say thank you to mountain management, to snowmakers and groomers, to lift operators, to coaches, to gatekeepers and starters, to race officials, to cafeteria workers, to everyone who helps make it happen. Say thank you and mean it. And hold the door for them.

"Promoting a whole athlete approach that will give athletes the tools to achieve their goals..."

Passionate Pursuit of ski racing development

Lead Change Racing's Next Project is our fall fundamentals camp at Killington. oUR WHOLE ATHLETE APPROACH provideS U10 - U19+ racers with a unique experience. The program helps racers dial in their movement pattern before a winter that promises a steady diet of gates. EXPERIENCED ELITE LEVEL COACHES. world cup atmosphere.

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Lead Change Racing

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Next Up (brochure):  Summer 2018 Saas Fee, Switzerland

Lead Change Racing

What's in a name?

Lead Change is a technical term in skiing that refers to the distance one ski might be ahead of the other. As a skier progresses through a carved turn and then from one arc to the next, lead change is dynamic. One ski is ahead ... then there's a crossover point when the tips are even ... then the other ski is ahead ... then back again. A constant, gradual shuffle, back and forth. Lead Change is a common aspect of skiing technique for coaches and athletes to discuss, analyze, and work on.

But Lead Change has other interpretations as well. As coaches, we might help lead change in an athlete. An athlete might help lead change in another athlete. And of course, as an athlete improves his or her racing performance, there may be changes on the leaderboard!